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Non Profit Capital Management offers nonprofit consulting in Massachusetts and beyond, and can help your non-profit organization adapt to the changing landscape and guide you in your journey towards achieving sustained growth. As experts in nonprofit consulting, our team can pinpoint your most pressing needs and provide tailored solutions and advice to keep your organization operating as seamlessly as possible.

How We Can Help

We can support your nonprofit’s growth through a number of specialized services including:

  • Risk Analysis and Reduction – We can help reduce your risk of victimization and uncover suspicious activities such as billing fraud, tampering, skimming schemes, and data theft.
  • Strategic Planning – We will conduct a financial review, help you set realistic goals, and put concrete action plans in place to ensure you’re meeting key metrics.
  • Internal Controls – Tampering and billing schemes are common in nonprofits. Our team will ensure a reliable flow of information and the diligent recording of all valid transactions.
  • Cash Flow Management – We’ll give you a clear idea of your current and projected cash flow status so you can prepare for the future and address potential issues before they even arise.
  • Compensation Survey – We can help you understand how your organization stacks up against others in your industry.

Partner with Non Profit Capital Management today and let us help you improve the efficiencies of your processes and strategically position your organization to achieve its maximum potential!

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