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Non Profit Capital Management is a reputable bookkeeping firm in Sterling, Massachusetts, which specializes in nonprofits. By providing industry-specific bookkeeping and consulting services, we can help you spend less time on the administrative and finance-side of your organization and focus more on accomplishing your missions.

Brian KindorfFounded in 2003 by Brian Kindorf, who has worked at both the Department of Developmental Services and the Department of Children and Families, Non Profit Capital Management has quickly grown to be a trusted resource for non-profit organizations. With a team of passionate professionals specializing in public accounting, non-profit accounting, and non-profit management, we combine the best of what the non-profit and for-profit sectors have to offer.

At Non Profit Capital Management, our mission is simple: To provide affordable, highly specialized bookkeeping, consulting, and management services to raise the accounting quality in small non-profit organizations that would otherwise not be able to afford it.

We Are Nonprofit Experts

Just as you wouldn’t let just anyone manage your personal finances, it is not wise to let just any volunteer or unqualified staff manage your nonprofit’s books. Bad financial management can derail your mission and lead to its downfall.

By partnering with Non Profit Capital Management, you will be able to tap into our specialized skills and insider knowledge in nonprofit management. We work exclusively with nonprofits and have over 80 clients in the industry.

Our team knows the inner workings of capital campaigns, donor restrictions, and government compliance regulations. Together, we can build capacity and become stronger, more innovative, as well as more accountable to the stakeholders you serve.

Why Choose Us

Beyond our expert knowledge in managing non-profit organizations, what makes us stand out is our approach in the way we do business.

We provide personalized services by taking the time to identify your most pressing pain points and address them. With our solid commitment to excellent customer service, our consultants and bookkeepers in Sterling will always be available to you by phone or email whenever you need immediate assistance.

As a modern bookkeeping firm, we can help you adopt the latest bookkeeping technology for greater efficiency and accuracy in your financial records, as well as assist you in government funding sources, fund accounting, audits, and budgeting.

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