Non-Profit Resource Center

Helpful tools

Growing a successful non-profit organization is hard enough, so we did some of the heavy lifting for you. We've got experience with the industry's most popular softwares, but here are our favorite tools and resources that we recommend our clients use.

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Xero is a cloud-based accounting system that allows our clients to access their general ledger anywhere, anytime. 

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We use Leapfile to securely send and receive documents and protect our clients' sensitive information. logo

Eliminate the need for printing, signing, and mailing paper checks. Our clients save time and money by automating their accounts payable process with


How to Incorporate

Starting a non-profit organization is a great way to give back to society while creating a rewarding career for yourself. These step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process.

Sample By-Laws

By-laws govern all matters concerning the conduct and regulation of the affairs of your non-profit.  This sample will give you a framework to customize your own operating rules. 

Sample Conflict of Interest Policy

This sample policy, courtesy of the IRS, will help you establish procedures to protect against charges of impropriety involving officers, directors, or trustees.

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